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Let's go back to the year 1894 when the Englander Mattress Company was founded and have a look at what people were sleeping on. We won't go into too many details, but what we can tell you is that the majority of mattresses in that time were filled with feathers or cotton. These materials were soft, but the mattresses were still lumpy and uncomfortable. A good night's sleep was something far off on the horizon.


When Max Englander of New York began making mattresses he wasn't intending to start a revolution. All he wanted to do was provide quality sleep products to the nation at a price they could afford.

By the 1930's the company had developed a solid reputation. From its Box Couch Bed, to the Red Cross line of mattresses, Englander was well known for its ability in creating handmade products. This was a time when processes were becoming more automated, and it was pleasant to see at least one manufacturer sticking to the old ways. You know as well as anyone else that nothing beats products made by hand.

In 1949 the company introduced its signature Red-Line boxspring. As many people already know, the box spring is a wooden base that goes beneath the mattress. The purpose of this is to provide the user with a firmer and more comfortable sleep experience with their body weight distributed evenly across the mattress. There were similar devices available of course, but once again, Englander mattress company was there to provide an affordable product to those who otherwise couldn't have purchased them.

Rubber Isn't Just For Tires

In the 50's they were one of the first to offer latex mattresses, long before they were fashionable. Old advertisements can be seen which promote a partnership with Goodyear to produce rubber latex for the "Airfoam" mattress. Englander is well known for their latex mattresses right up to the present day.

Ownership Changes

Over the years the company has changed hands many times. This isn't surprising when you consider they've been around for over a century, making them the second oldest mattress company in the nation.

Max Englander eventually sold the business to Ira Pink, a successful bedding merchant from Chicago. Under the capable guidance of Pink the company saw steady growth through the 60's when it was sold to Union Carbide. They invested in marketing the company and after a strong decade sold it to United States Bedding Company in the 70's.

In 1971 the Lady Englander Mattress was unveiled, and people were suddenly given a new way to sleep in comfort with this ultra premium sleep system. This was one of the first of the "luxury mattresses" which are so prevalent today.

A Milestone

1994 was a landmark year for the company being their 100th anniversary. They also passed 100 million dollars in sales that year. In 1995 they introduced the 21st Century "never flip" sleep system and '96 saw the development of the Nature's Finest latex mattress line which is still going strong.

During the twentieth century the space program was founded, opening up new opportunities for the Englander mattress company. There were quite a few materials invented as a direct result of the space program, one of them being memory foam. Though the material was never used in the space shuttle, the formula was released to the public and several businesses were able to take advantage of it. It took some time, but eventually the foam was refined into something useable, and something that everyone could enjoy. Viscopedic - the Englander memory foam mattress line - first appeared in 1997.

In 2002 the company was purchased by a subsidiary of La-Z-Boy. Not long after, the Tension Ease mattress line was released which features Englander's version of the popular pocketed coil innerspring technology.

A New Era

In 2005, a new era began for the Englander mattress company when it was sold to a group of 7 licensees. Each licensee is in charge of a certain part of the country and the 7 presidents of each section collectively run the business. They are the current owners and have their headquarters located in Olive Branch, Mississippi. In total the company runs 10 facilities and is the fifth largest mattress manufacturer in the U.S.

2007 saw the business partnering with Bedding World of Taiwan. They've been officially licensed to sell Englander bedding in China and Taiwan, extending the brand even further throughout the world.

A Pioneer Of The Green Mattress

One of the ways the Englander mattress company distinguishes itself is through its commitment to eco-friendly practices. They try to use environmentally responsible materials in all of their products, seeking out things like soy based foams to replace traditional petroleum based ones. Their factories are made to be energy efficient and they use paperless solutions when they can. When paper is necessary they use recycled material which is also used in their earth friendly packaging. Company-wide recycling of waste products is also practiced.

They've also developed a line of completely organic latex mattresses using New Zealand wool, cotton, natural rubber latex and sustainable wood components. They will even provide documentation of the certified organic qualities of the Englander latex mattress to their dealers or anyone else interested in order to prove it, which is further than most other companies are willing to go.

Times have certainly changed since Mr. Englander started his company. These days an Englander mattress can be purchased just about anywhere in the country. They don't seem to be readily available for sale online but can easily be found at your local retailer.

For more information you can check out their official website. They have a learning center and tips on the best mattress to purchase. You will be more than satisfied with both the website and the company. After all, they've been around for over one hundred years, and during that time they've no doubt learned a thing or two about the industry.


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