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The Biggest Mattress Manufacturer You've Never Heard Of

The Jamison Bedding Company began making mattresses in 1883. They are actually one of the largest bedding suppliers in the country but you may never have heard of them.

This is because they prefer to invest money in the quality of their products rather than in advertising.

Their headquarters is in Tennessee and Jamison mattress dealers are centered mainly in the Southeast United States so if you're not from this area you may not recognize the name.

A Major Hotel Bedding Supplier

If you've ever stayed in a hotel chances are you've slept on one of their mattresses. They have commercial alliances with several of the largest hotel chains and this actually accounts for the majority of their business.

Mattress manufacturers seem to be some of the oldest businesses still surviving in the world today. There's not too many other fields where so many of the companies have been around for 100 years or more. I guess this makes sense when you think that this was towards the end of the industrial revolution and the time when modern mattresses first started to take their familiar form.


However, no business survives this long in any field without producing quality products and Jamison Bedding is no exception. Their reputation has always been world class - in fact their mattresses are often considered some of the best out there.

For a detailed look at comments from mattress owners check out Jamison Mattress Reviews.

The Jamison family has always taken their business seriously. Many of their employees have been carefully hand crafting their mattresses for over 30 years.

The Marriot Mattress

That is why they are the top choice of several major hotel chains including Marriot, Intercontinental Hotels and Choice Hotels. These are not short term associations either. For example, Marriot has been putting Jamison mattresses in its rooms for more than 40 years and it just awarded them the contract for all of its new mattresses as well.

Jamison Bedding is not just for commercial use however. You can have that same luxurious hotel bed experience right in your own home.

They have over 400 retailers in the Southeast through which you can purchase their products. You can even order the Jamison Marriot mattress right from Marriot's website if you want. However, we always recommend trying out a mattress in the showroom first to see if you like it. Ordering a mattress blind over the internet is usually not a wise move.

In conclusion, their mission is to handcraft unique high quality mattresses at a reasonable cost. Jamison mattress prices are able to be kept low because they don't spend any money on advertising.

The fact that so many hotels use them speaks volumes about Jamison mattress durability. We can't imagine there's many beds that get more abuse and we're sure that the big hotel chains wouldn't buy them if they didn't stand up to heavy use.

For a closer look at what the company has to offer check out the Jamison mattress product line.


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